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4 Applications Of 3D Modelling

At Ettol, we’re passionate about embracing new technology as it emerges. We believe early adoption of the latest engineering software and technologies will allow us to stay one step ahead of industry trends. When Ettol pioneers the way in technology, we’re able to provide our clients with the very best in data, reports, and engineering solutions. One way we do this is through our 3D modelling in Brisbane. Ettol’s engineers are highly skilled in using the latest CAD and CAE technologies, meaning we can offer our clients the most accurate models available. Here are a handful of real-world applications of 3D modelling and 3D drafting technology in Brisbane.

3D Geological Modelling

One form of 3D modelling in Brisbane is our 3D geological modelling. 3D geological models allow you to have a spatial view of the foundation soil structure and gain an in-depth understanding of the geological conditions of the location. It’s particularly useful in the mining industry, as it enables you better to understand the make up of ore and mineral deposits.

  • Allows for risk analysis. In the context of mining, 3D geological modelling enables you to analyse geotechnical risks and better understand the best places to start exploration. 
  • Clearer, more accurate view. When you can view exploration data in 3D, you’ll be able to improve resource definition and develop statistically tested 3D predictive maps of main geological, geochemical, and geophysical mineralisation controls.
  • More freedom to explore. 3D geological modelling allows you the freedom to explore more diverse identified targets and develop targets in areas you haven’t yet explored. The accuracy of the technology means you can be confident before committing to a drill site.

3D Modelling and Fabrication

At Ettol, we appreciate how foundationally important the fabrication industry is to other industrial sectors in Australia. That’s why we offer our 3D drafting and 3D modelling in Brisbane to help companies make more informed decisions and develop higher-quality components for machines and structures. We do this by following our tried and tested process for developing innovative 3D models.

  • Conceptualisation: The first step of the process is finding our your expectations and developing a CAD draft. The team at Ettol make sure to be respectful of your timelines, budget, and goals, and we work with you to bring your ideas to life. We’ll first draft a 2D concept, and then we implement 3D rendering to bring your design to life.
  • Prototyping: After you have approved 3D drafts, we’ll work to create a 3D model prototype. It differs from the 3D drafts as we input details that now make the model implementation and technology-specific. At this stage, we ensure there are no design errors by conducting simulations to assess how the product will react to external forces such as heat, water, weight, and pressure.
  • Fabrication manufacturing. After we’ve conducted a thorough analysis, we bring our results back to you. If everything is in order, you can begin the manufacturing process.

3D Marine Models

Without 3D modelling in Brisbane, work within the marine industry would be expensive, risky, and time-consuming. Fortunately, Ettol can use innovative CAD and CAE technology to develop accurate designs.

  • Risk minimisation. As many of the products manufactured for the marine industry will be exposed to water, heat, and salt, we must understand how the products will fare in these conditions. Ettol can build to-scale, accurate models to run through our cutting-edge CAE software, so we know exactly how your product will react to the elements.
  • No matter how big or small the project, Ettol can handle it. Whether you’re developing a small generator or you’re in charge of the construction of a large research vessel, Ettol can create 3D drafts and models that will allow you to visualise your project better and make insightful, informed decisions. 

3D Drafting and Product Modelling

One of the industries to benefit the most from 3D modelling is product manufacturing. The utilisation of 3D modelling and 3D drafting in Brisbane is saving product manufacturing companies so much time, money, and resources. 

  • High-quality digital prototypes. Gone are the days of expensive physical prototypes. 3D drafting and modelling allow engineers to develop models with real physical properties. 
  • Easily identifiable issues. Using the 3D models, the team at Ettol can assess for flaws or issues and address them while still in the design phase. We can also run the models through rigorous simulations using cutting-edge CAE software, so we can assess any issues with the product’s function and analyse how it responds in a variety of external conditions. 
  • Less expensive than photography. If you’re looking for a product image for your online store, 3D modelling is far less costly than organising a professional shoot. If you have changes you’d like to make to the idea, we can implement them with a few clicks, saving you the hassle of calling your photographer back out for another shoot. Additionally, your customers can see your products in 360-degree view rather than just a single view photograph, making for a more interactive shopping experience.

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