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Kyaw Thu Principle Engineer


Our principal engineer Kyaw (Chor) understands three key elements are needed to ensure to deliver premium engineering solutions for clients, they are proven design, management, and implementation skills. Kyaw brings over 20 years experience as a structural and civil engineerĀ  with a passion for using the latest technologies to deliver the best-fit solutions to meet the needs of clients and successfully achieve the outcomes and the scope of works for projects.

The majority of his career has been spent working on Greenfield and Brownfield projects across the mining, processing, and material handling sectors. He has undertaken various roles from design engineer, project engineer and field engineer across a diverse range of projects, granting Kyaw a broad understanding of the industry. His experience includes but is not limited to layout design of bulk material handling, process and mining structures, balanced machine rail tracks, review of balanced machines, and marine structures such as wharfs and jetties.

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