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Structural Engineering In Action: 3 Practical Applications Of Structural Engineering

When hiring a structural engineer in Brisbane, you want to be sure you’re leaving your project in the most capable of hands. The team at Ettol have over 40 years of combined experience in engineering. Additionally, we’re firm believers in the early adoption of new engineering software and technology, so we’re always one step ahead. While we could tell you all the reasons why our engineering company in Brisbane is one of the leaders in our industry, nothing speaks quite as clearly as examples. We’ve compiled a few case studies of Ettol’s work in action and outlined a few of the highlights. 

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Surge Bin Lift

Finite Element Analysis Of Thermoplastics

We were asked to efficiently and realistically assess the structural response of liquid storage systems.

  • Task: Ettol was asked to engineer and design a battery cell that would store several tonnes of electrolytic liquid within a 10ft shipping container.
  • Approach: We were given a 3D model of the battery cell, which we then ran through ANSYS Spaceclaim and ANSYS Mechanical, allowing for continuous exchange between the 3D Geometry Model and the FEA model. We inputted the appropriate materials and modified the structural properties where required. For this project, we used ANSYS Mechanical’s nonlinear contact capabilities to address the cell accurately. This was important, as incorrect contact would have skewed results and give inaccurate, unrealistic deflection and stress values. 
  • Outcomes: We managed to reduce the overall cost by optimising the strengths and weaknesses of the materials at different locations, finding the most effective arrangement. We predicted the behaviour and structural responses at an earlier stage, thereby reducing the cost and product development time. 

Load Testing A Handrail

In this case study, our engineering company in Brisbane used various software to load test a handrail. We used three different methods and three different tools to establish which was more accurate. 

  • Task: We were to check the proposed cantilever handrail against various actions. The handrail was to be tek-screwed onto a mounting plate, which was then welded onto grits, and we needed to ensure the handrail could withstand a load of 600N or 350N/m acting outwards or downwards on the rail. 
  • Approach: Ettol were given drawings of the handrail configuration which we modelled in ANSYS Spaceclaim. We then exported to ANSYS Mechanical, where we bonded contact connections between the holes for the tek-screws and the mounting plate. The handrails and plates were then modelled in SPACE GASS as beam elements with the plates modelled as two parallel beams to more accurately represent how the plate would behave. A structural engineer at Ettol then did hand calculations with the handrail as a cantilever beam, the plate as a continuous span beam, and each pair of tek screws as support.
  • Outcomes: Each of the methods demonstrated that the handrail configuration was adequate for the applicable loads. We found, however, that the ANSYS technology was far more reliable and accurate than SPACE GASS and hand calculated results. 

Designing A Tank

In this case study, we used finite element analysis to provide assessments on the structural composites of a tank. 

  • Task: Our engineering company in Brisbane was asked to design and engineer a cylindrical tank that would store wastewater under atmospheric pressure. We needed to conduct a structural assessment as well as incorporate into our designs the effects of fabric shapes so we could optimise material use.
  • Approach: We prepared FEA, mesh construction, and material selections through ANSYS Spaceclaim, ANSYS Mechanical, and ANSYS Suite. We built composite material and fibre orientation corrections using ACP. After this, we conducted a structural assessment in which the loading and restraints were specified, and the deformation, stress, and strain were identified.
  • Outcomes: Using our advanced technologies, we were able to design a tank that was optimised, completely compliant, created more efficiently with incredibly accurate data. 

If You’re Looking For A Structural Engineer In Brisbane, Contact Ettol

Ettol is an engineering company in Brisbane renowned for our professionalism, our commitment to our clients, and our impeccably high standards. We have a history of working with a variety of industries across Australia, including mining, construction, product manufacturing, fabrication, marine, and environmental sectors. If you ever need a structural engineer in Brisbane, please don’t hesitate to contact Ettol for a consultation. 

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